Helping couples trying to conceive through holistic nutrition and improved well-being

Can you relate?

“There is no one around to talk to about it. Not even my husband understands.”
“I’m unsure if this is really possible for me anymore.”
“How can I increase my chances of getting pregnant?”


Katie Kahvo, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Fertility Specialist, will help you maximize your health and increase your chances of getting pregnant


Feeling lost, alone, overwhelmed and completely hopeless when it comes to creating a family is a normal part of this fertility journey.  Finding people who understood that sex doesn’t necessarily lead to a beautiful healthy baby can be a huge struggle. You are feeling like the support and information you need just isn’t there.Like you, I’ve been through this roller-coaster journey and have felt some of these same things you are feeling and being honest…it just plain sucks. It is depressing, isolating, and totally confusing.

Being a holistic nutritionist, I knew there was a big gap in the information and support being offered. I knew I could help.  Your environment and how you live day to day can have significant impacts on your fertility and the future health of your baby. The healthier you get your body before conception the better your chances for natural conception.

Whether you are just thinking about starting a family or are ready to start your IVF treatments, it’s important to get your body ready for the journey it is about to embark on! I’m here to help you understand how your body works for pregnancy and what it needs for optimal health and balance in a practical, supportive way.

It’s time to take back your control, regain your self confidence and get that baby you have been dreaming for.

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