Last time we chatted we were discussing what a healthy cycle looks like.  I hesitate to use the word ‘normal’ as I don’t think what I described is the norm.  The majority of us suffer from hormonal imbalances that affect us on so many levels (ie PMS).  Today I wanted to talk about some of the things that can indicate your hormones may not be as well balanced as they should be.

1. PMS

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone suffers from PMS nor should they.  PMS is typically an indicator of high estrogen or low progesterone (or both).  If you suffer from cramping, exhaustion, cravings, diarrhea or any other PMS symptoms, your hormones are not balanced.  Inflammation in the body can also make these problems worse.

2. Clots & Brown/Black Blood

If it is normal for you to have clots during your period or regularly see brown or black blood, something is out of balanced and could use some work.  Blood flow should be fairly smooth and bright red during your cycle.  Brown or black blood indicates that it has been sitting for a while before being discharged, which you don’t want.

3. Varying or Missed Cycles

Are you one of those who is never really sure if your period is going to show up? Maybe you know you will get it this month but when is a mystery.  You always carry your feminine supplies with you just incase.  Again with this, hormones are imbalanced – it’s also possible you could be going through peri-menopause, suffer from PCOS or aren’t ovulating.  All of these issues should be addressed.

4. Bleeding Outside of Cycle

The only time it is somewhat common to have a little bleeding that isn’t the time of your period, is during ovulation.  If you experience this, then not to fret, it is pretty standard.  If however you get bleeding at times throughout the rest of your cycle (including right before you get your actual period) this could indicate you have low progesterone levels that need supporting.
These are just some of the common issues I see that people don’t normally think anything of.  These symptoms should not be the norm and you do not have to suffer from PMS each month!  Balancing your hormones is so important for fertility but also will make a world of a difference in your life month to month.

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