So we’ve talked about detoxing and different ways you can support your body through a gentle cleanse.  Today though I wanted to bring up one more important aspect of this, your mind.

These days it’s not uncommon for us to experience high levels of stress, chaos, running thoughts (aka your mind never shuts off) and miss the feeling of calmness more often then none.  When we think detox, most of us think body but we forget about a huge part of it – our mind!  The following are some ways we can help support our mind through the chaos.  This time of the year is especially important for this as winter and the lack of vitamin D can decrease our mood faster.

1. Meditation.  You’ve likely heard me discuss this before as I’m such a huge believer in it!  If the thought of meditation seems too woo-woo for you or just plain impossible – hear me out! So many studies have been done in recent years to show the hugely positive effects meditation can play in your life.  My favourite tool to use a free app called Headspace.  This app simplifies the process greatly and only requires 10 minutes of your time.  If you are new to the practice this is definitely an awesome way to start!

If you prefer to try this in the company of others check out your local community for classes offered.  Many places let you try it out for free or with a small donation.

2. Positive thoughts.

Life can give you some curve balls and serious trials which can make negative thoughts and actions so easy to execute.  Staying positive, especially when it comes to fertility, is super important as your mind is so closely linked to your body.  Negative thoughts are likely to give negative results and vice versa.  Being kind to yourself and accepting of your situation makes it easier to keep your head up and try the next thing.  Sometimes you just have to rule out all that is working properly in order to find the issues.


3. Affirmations 

Going along with point 2 -affirmations are such an awesome tool that you can use daily to stay positive and in some cases ‘fake it to you make it’ .  No matter what your situation simply google ‘positive affirmations for positive fertility’.  Pick a few that you like and recite them each day.  You may even choose to print them off and hang them up in places you frequent around your house.  Teaching your mind to stay positive and that this is possible can be the simple difference between success and struggle for some.  Do not underestimate the power of the mind!

4. Self Care

Simply remembering to take care of yourself and knowing that it’s not selfish to put you first.  Treat yourself sometimes lady – you deserve it!  Take time out for a good book or hot bath.  Enjoy a night out with your significant other or go for a run.  Whatever is enjoyable for you, make it a priority MINIMUM once a week but ideally something, even small, each day.  Remember ‘you can’t pour from an empty glass’ so ensure your’s is topped up on a regular basis.

What does your perfect day look like?? I would love to hear your thoughts – come share on our Fertile Beginnings Facebook group.

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