For some, you look forward to heading out and celebrating Mother’s Day with your own mother.  For others, you want to lock yourself in your room for the week to avoid all of the tv and radio ad’s, flowers, pictures, and events happening around you celebrating something you only dream of.  This day can act as a cruel reminder for all the things you’ve come to devote your every waking hour to.  The weight of the disappoint, grief, resentment and failure can weigh heavy.  Another year comes and goes and no baby to celebrate with.
I get it, I’ve been there.
This year I encourage you to take a deep breath…
(I’ll wait…go ahead and do it…iiiiinnnnn…..and oooooouutttttt)
…and then schedule time into CELEBRATE YOU THIS WEEKEND! Your little one may not have joined you yet but you are a great mama! I’m certain that you are doing everything you can do to bring that small child into your world.  Maybe you have changed your diet and lifestyle habits for optimal fertility, seen a fertility specialist, tried a new treatment or medication, worked with a therapist, skipped your best friend’s baby shower and tried endless other things all in hopes of creating a tiny human and getting through your fertility journey.
Take a moment and really breathe that all in.
You have sacrificed so much to give your future baby a beautiful, healthy start to life.  Just because that little one hasn’t yet arrived doesn’t mean that you haven’t showered this future child in love.  As women we are born with all of our eggs so that little person is already inside you and you are nurturing them to the best of your ability.
So this weekend…take some time out from the journey and pamper yourself! Go get a new hair do, maybe take a friend to the spa, check out the local coffee shop and enjoy a new book, whatever it is that makes you feel good inside.  Schedule in a little love for yourself on this special weekend and acknowledge all of the wonderful things you have done in this journey. <3


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