Being a holistic nutritionist I think it is understandable that food and fertility would be a HUGE topic for me.  Figuring out which things to discuss is a tough balancing act, however I’ve put together a short (ish) list of some of the reasons food is an essential part of our health and fertility.

  1. Elimination

    We live in a toxic environment, there is just no getting around that. You can definitely reduce the amount of toxins around which is amazing but you’ll never eliminate them all. It is super important that our liver and digestive system is in top notch shape to help our bodies process and eliminate these toxins. Toxins can be excess chemicals but also hormones (ie estrogen). When we aren’t having regular bowel movements (1-2 times per day) then these toxins will sit in our digestive track and eventually start reabsorbing back into the body. This can increase our risk of certain cancers (colon, breast, etc) as well as through our hormones out of whack and therefore disrupting our fertility.

  2. Nutrients

    Our body is so smart and so complex I’m not sure anyone will figure out for sure how it all works. However, we do know that we can only go so long without food. What we put in our body is ESSENTIAL for life! Now we can sort out the junk we put in and remove the needed energy from it to get us buy….but that will only last for so long before all sorts of problems start occurring.  If you focus on filling your body with nutrient dense, nourishing food that our bodies recognize and know how to use, just imagine the possibilities! You will flourish, your skin will glow, your moods will benefit and your egg health can be optimal.

  3. Hormone Balance

    We touched on this in part 1 but the other half of it is we need certain ‘ingredients’ to create our hormones. If we aren’t giving our bodies these items then our hormones are going to suffer. Hormone balance is key for feeling great and good fertile health.  Fats are something we often miss in our diets but are an essential part of what is needed to create hormones in the body.

  4. Inflammation

    Reducing inflammation in the body can help with conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, unexplained fertility issues and much more. (In fact, fellow RHN Julie Daniluk, wrote an entire best seller book on inflammation called Meals That Heal Inflammation) Eating anti-inflammatory foods such as healthy fats (coconut, avocado, fish, etc) are very helpful to the body in this way.

  5. Blood Sugar Balance

    Lastly! This one is especially important when it comes to PCOS as insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalances are a huge issue here. Starting the day off with a good protein rich breakfast and continue to enjoy healthy proteins and fats throughout the day will be a big help in keeping your sugar levels even.


Nutrition and the foods we eat without a doubt affect our fertility. This is a huge area of importance and something our entire society needs to consider more closely.  If you are unsure where to begin or what you should be eating, you are in luck! Next week my new program – The Kickstarter – is going to be released and I have a few spots available for the first lucky ladies that grab their spot in this program! You will learn all about nutrition for fertility, the importance of good digestive health, how to meal plan and still enjoy eating out, as well as what are the top 3 supplements you should be on now for your fertility.

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