This week I’ve seen this new ‘Groundbreaking Study’ show up over and over on my newsfeed, especially in the various fertility support groups I’m apart of. People are so thrilled, totally over the moon excited that there might be an answer to their fertility and health issues. And although I totally understand wanting the answers so bad and would be thrilled if I found them as well….I just can’t get my head around this one.

First off…the title of said article has been many variations of the same thing but this most recent one I saw is my favourite thus far: “Breaking News: Key to preventing miscarriage unlocked in groundbreaking study”  Some of the subtitles include “A world-first discovery”, “An astounding discovery” and “ A revolutionary and simple cure

Want to know what the key is to this breaking news?? Vitamin B3. VITAMINS!!  Why are vitamins that are essential for your health BREAKING NEWS? I get that finding out more about what they do is really amazing (truely it is!) but the fact that people still don’t see the connection of food, good nutrients and their health is so frustrating to me. And honestly…a large reason why I do what I do.  We don’t need a big fancy study to tell us we need to be eating our fruits and vegetables, do we?

Now before you go feeling guilty or ashamed because you are one of the people who didn’t realize the connection, DON’T! The problem largely has to do with our system. The lack of education around food, nutrition and our bodies is severely lacking. How can you know these things if you were never taught? If your doctor wasn’t even taught?

My theory is that these are the things we took for granted and were so common knowledge ‘back in the day’ that it likely wasn’t thought it had to be taught. It is really just common sense when you think about it…what you put in your body affects its functioning.  Over the years more and more is expected of us and our day to day lives just keep speeding up and these common knowledge things have been forgotten by the wayside.

We have never had access to so much artificial and processed ‘food’ that we do today. Food used to be grown and eaten locally, in nutrient dense soils and without harmful sprays.

Food is essential for our survival but have you ever wondered why? It provides us with the energy and nutrients or what I like to say the ‘ingredients’ our body needs to do what it needs to do.  

EXAMPLE: A car. If you take a brand new car and fill it with the best quality gas, oil, high end parts and all the other car stuff (clearly this is not my area of expertise) If you continue to maintain it, wash it, change the oil, keep the tank full, etc on a regular bases, that car is likely to stay in great working condition for a long period of time.

Now take that same car and put the lowest grade gas, oil and parts in it. Maybe check it once a year, running it on dirty oil and forgetting to change the filters. I bet that car is going to be more stressed out, have more issues (even if they are small) on a regular basis before it just says I give up and quits working on you (and likely when you are in a rush trying to get somewhere important)

Our bodies are the same! You may think..well I eat that stuff all the time and I feel fine! Meanwhile your body is giving you little signals that it isn’t.

Headaches, joint/body aches, PMS, gas, bloating, exhaustion, eczema, hair loss, low moods, acne, lack of energy, low libido, cold/flu, weight gain/loss, difficulties concentrating, finding motivation, and sleeping, fertility issues, miscarriages….the list goes on and on.

We must learn to listen. We must learn to be patient with ourselves. We must learn to slow down.

It’s time we go back to the basics. Learn about our food, where it comes from and the important effects it has on our body.  If you want your body to function optimally then you need to provide it with enough of the proper ingredients that it recognizes and can utilize.  You will be amazed at how good you really can feel. <3

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