A common question that gets asked is ‘How can I make my eggs more fertile?’

As a nutritionist I strongly believe in the power of food on the body and the importance of taking a holistic approach to our health. When it comes to the health and fertility of our eggs, the same thoughts apply!

I recently read ‘It Starts With The Egg’ by Rebecca Fett and I wanted to share with you some of the concepts that we agree on when it comes to improving your egg health.

1. Avoiding toxins
– Reducing your exposure to plastics
– Eliminating toxins in bath and body products as well as cleaning product
– Switching to organic foods to minimize toxic exposure through our food

Check out ewg.org for more information on all of these.

2. Autoimmune Disorders

– Hashimoto’s (thyroid), Celiac, etc
– If your body is always on high alert and attacking itself, it is not going to be ready to create a tiny human
– Nutrient levels could be low, leading to difficulties conceiving and lower quality eggs

3. Diet
– MANY of these things come back to proper diet and digestion
– Ensuring you have the proper nutrients to support the body in balancing your hormones and eliminating toxins
– Help reduce the stress placed on the body when it has to work to break items down and protect you from the harmful toxins and foods we ingest
– Reduce inflammation
– Improve egg health and quality

4. Vitamin and Minerals
– taking proper supplements to support areas we are low in allowing the body to function more optimally
– Vitamin D, iron, magnesium, B vitamins, etc are important for fertility and often low in women


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