You may have heard of my awesome program, KICKSTARTER, which is a fertility 101 program for fertility. (If you haven’t…check it out here) In this program we cover the topic of digestion for fertility in the very first week.  Now if you are new to the world of nutrition and wellness then this might be very odd to you and you are likely wondering what the heck does my digestion have to do with my fertility??

Good question!


Digestive and proper gut health are rapidly growing areas of interest in the medical field.  Lots of new studies are coming out about the effects and the huge impacts our digestive health has on our entire body.  Here are some of the ways and reasons good digestive health is essential for optimal fertility!

  • Absorption and utilization of nutrients. If your digestive system is struggling to function ideally (ie low stomach acid, poor gut bacteria) it’s not going to matter how well you are eating. If your body can’t break down, absorb and utilize the nutrients from the food you are eating, the rest doesn’t really matter. 
  • Good bacteria is essential for helping to eliminate excess hormones (ie estrogen) therefore improving hormone balance.  Anyone here have hormone issues? (I’m looking at you) 
  • Good bacteria is essential for helping to eliminate toxins. Our environment is flooded with hormone disrupting toxins and allow we can decrease our exposure to them, it’s pretty nearly impossible to escape them all together. Ensuring our bodies are functioning well so that those that do entire our system are able to get out (and aren’t hanging out in our colons because we aren’t pooping regularly….) is super important for our health and fertility! 
  • Weight loss. Many women are asked to start losing weight to improve their chances of conception, studies even show that just a 10% drop in weight can be very positive for fertility. When our digestive health is improved so is our hormone balance allowing us to have better control over our weight. 
  • Inflammation. Food sensitivities and poor diets can wreck havoc on your digestive system including increasing the immune response in the body and retaining extra water.  These often go undiagnosed so understanding food sensitivities, what is affecting you and how, will not only allow you to lose weight but will be very helpful in inflammatory conditions like endometriosis.  Poor digestion and food sensitivities have also been linked to poor egg health and an increased risk of miscarriages. 
  • Mental health. There are loads of new studies coming out supporting the link between poor gut health and poor mental health.  If you are going through this fertility journey you will know just how challenging it can be and how much of a blow your mental health takes.  Therefore the better our digestive function, the better we may be able to manage the stress this fertility journey throws at us.  Our mental wellbeing is hugely important for our fertility but also our individual wellbeing <3

Have I convinced you yet? Good digestive health can not be underestimated when it comes to our health and fertility.  If you want to learn more including what things to look for in your own digestion and the steps to follow in order to make serious improvements for your digestive health then don’t wait another second. Head over and grab your spot in the Kickstarter program now.  Today is the day.


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