Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unsure of how the heck you are actually going to survive this next week?

Are you so sick of feeling like you half ass everything and aren’t fully present for anything?

Are you sick of running from one thing to the next and playing the ‘how much can I do in these next 10 minutes’ game.

Not to mention the holiday season that is quickly approaching…

It’s time to make a change. Things aren’t going to change tomorrow, next week or next year unless you decide and take action in making that change.

When was the last time you put YOU first?

When was the last time you had an honest conversations with yourself about what is practical, what you ACTUALLY want to be doing (not just because you think you have to) and said no to something you had no interest in doing.

These things are essential in switching us from survival mode to a life of happiness and calm.

Get really real with yourself. Have some quiet time so you can listen to your gut and see where your heart is telling you you want to really spend your time

If cleaning your house is taking up a lot of time then figure out what you are always cleaning.  

What can you get rid of? Maybe it’s time to simplify.

What can you delegate to someone else in the household? Maybe it’s time you had a family meeting to start ensuring everyone’s work loads a bit more balanced.

What can you hire out? Maybe it’s time to hire a cleaner once a week or once a month to help keep you on track.


What can you let go of? Maybe your bed doesn’t have to be made everyday.

Schedule in time for a real conversation with yourself about what is stressing you out and what is essential and what we can change.

Want help feeling your best and making changes to a healthier, happier, less stressful you? I can help!  Send me an email  to book in your free call and let’s get started today!

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