Let’s talk mom guilt for a second.

How many times a day has this guilt shown up making you feel like a failure

  • like you aren’t doing enough for your kids,
  • you should have done something different,
  • chosen a different approach or
  • used a different set of words?

When you wish you could just run away for a while without the kids. Maybe you’ve even wished you were that stylish, world traveler, successful, kid free women who gets to sleep in every day and spend her money on whatever she wants without thinking about someone else’s needs first for once.

Oops did I just say that out loud?

You love your job and want to spend more time working and fulfilling the pre-baby you but you also can’t stand to be away from your children.

Work-life balance…what’s that?

Seriously What. Is. That?!

How do you live the life you dream of without the guilt, shame and sense that you are failing your kids?

If I told you I could help you find a sense of balance and minimize the guilt, spending quality time with your kids and still having time for you…what would you say?

The thing is, I can.

I’ve been there, not wanting to go back to work and leave my daughter in someone else’s care, wanting to spend my days working on my business instead of playing lego, wishing I had had the patience and focus to have said something different in the moment, given her more opportunities than I have.

Somedays it feels like there is just no winning and that having both is impossible.

The thing is though…it’s not. After some serious trial and error, sorting out new mindsets, new schedules, new tools….I think I’ve got it as good as it’s going to get with this work life balance thing. (And let me tell you…it’s pretty good!)

So if you are ready to kick that mom guilt to the curb.

  • Start doing things with confidence.
  • Having clear boundaries so that you CAN spend time being present with your kids AND having the time to do the things you want to do.

Then send me a message.
Let’s chat and see how working together can really make a difference in your life.

More smiles. More love. More happiness.

That’s really what we want for ourselves and our children right?


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