Some of you may read this and think about how obvious knowing your triggers is and just skip over this step but stick with me! This is a simple practice that can be a huge stepping stone to your success in managing your stress.

You spend our days running from one thing to the next, wondering when this endless cycle is going to stop, wondering when things are going to change and how you are going to make time for us because “I JUST NEED A BREAK!”

Discovering your triggers is a great way to start learning more self awareness and practicing mindfulness. Getting to know ourselves better opens a gateway to a vast assortment of possibilities and the potential to feel better than ever before. It helps us live the most joyous, passionate, happy life we could possibly imagine. When we can get clear on where our stress is coming from, it is far easier to move forward and make the adjustments needed to minimize those stresses.  Action provides answers so take some time this week and start reflecting on when your stress arises, what are your triggers?

Here is how to get started:

  1. Start today (continue for the next 3-7 days)

    a) Watch for physical signs of stress – tension in your jaw, neck, upper back/shoulders, hands clenched, increased and shallow breathing, increased heart rate, headaches, stomach upsets (ie diarrhea), shoulders raised and chin protruding (this one is super eye opening for me)

    b) Mental and emotional signs – what are my thoughts right now? What stories am I telling myself? Are they positive or negative? Are these frequent comments/stories that I hear? How am I currently feeling?
  2. When you feel stress coming on, take a moment to reflect on what just happened and where that stress might be coming from.  Maybe you were driving to work, maybe you were at work and interacting with a co-worker, maybe you were dealing with a child, or looking at your to do list, making a meal or simply getting dressed. No matter what it was, take note of it (either mentally or written – this is recommended)
  3. Take a look at what you discovered this week in noticing your triggers. Are there any patterns? If yes, what are they? Is there a certain person or situation that comes up regularly? Is it a certain location or time of day, week, month or year?

This is your time to step in and make some decisions around what needs to be done with this. Boundaries are typically an essential step in this process. You come first. Surrounding yourself in a positive light and putting up blocks around the negative is far from selfish but makes the world a better place.

Maybe you’ve had a look and are not finding any patterns. Maybe you realize that it’s a vast assortment of times of days, people and situations. Almost anything sets your stress a blazing these days. This is a great time to take a step back and do some deep reflection on your life as likely there is a much bigger issue going on. Maybe you are lacking self confidence and determination. Maybe everything is so out of hand that you just feel a total lack of control in all things and new systems need to be put into place. Maybe you need to start putting you first so that you have time to refuel and move forward in a positive light.

Start questioning those negative voices, are they true? And focus on bringing in more positive. Share gratitude each and every day (small or large, doesn’t matter) This process can really be a game changer and start rewiring your brain to find the positive in each day.

Answers come from action.

Transformation comes with accepting where you are right now.

(quotes from the amazing Danielle LaPorte)

If you are ready to make changes, if you are ready to work through this process or want some help doing so, reach out! Send me a quick message and lets book a free call so I can assist you through it.


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