I am a goal addict! Goals, goals, goals!

Yup that’s me I love a good goal, I get all excited am totally focused and then a week or 2 goes by and life happens. I get busy, tired, overwhelmed and all of sudden my goal is a distant memory. A frustration. A let down. I mean well and I really wanted it but I just couldn’t make it happen – why?

What is standing in my way? What steps am I missing?

Follow these simple steps and you will be crushing your goals:



Really look at your life and decide what do I want more of? What do I want less of? For me, I wanted more time to take care of myself, more fun and quality time with my family. I wanted less stress and busyness and less mom guilt!
Make a list of what areas are important to you. Then choose 1 area to start with, yes just 1, slow and steady wins the race. I am the queen of taking on way too many goals at once, with good intentions and then failing at them all – not a recipe for success.
Once you choose one area – ex. Self care, choose 1 goal with in this area ex. Getting up 10 minutes earlier. Or if you chose more quality time with your family, choose 1 goal within this area ex. Saturday nights are family game night, great! Start there.

2. Break down the goal

Now that you have chosen your 1 goal, the key is to break that goal down in to smaller more manageable steps. This way you are more apt to be successful, follow through and then therefore build confidence and consistency.
For example if your goal is to add in more exercise, start with 10 minutes (a 10 minute yoga video or a 10 minute walk). This way you are more likely to do it and engage in it consistently to form the habit (3 weeks of consistency to form a habit) and less likely to give up and get discouraged. Starting at 30 or 45 minutes of intense cardio – no thanks! Not yet at least!

3. Consistency

Finally staying consistent is key, the goals that I have been successful at have been the ones I have managed to do each day over a few weeks to a month, then they become part of my life. They become easier and less daunting. How do we stay consistent (the magic word!)?

First try setting an alarm on your phone to regularly remind you each day at a specific time to do your goal (ex. To drink water, to exercise, to take a break for self care etc.). The key is when the alarm goes STOP what you are doing and make that goal happen. Pat yourself on the back when you do!

Another great way to increase the rate of consistency is through accountability. Find an accountability partner (your husband, friend, someone from work) who has similar goals as you. Find an online community that is looking to achieve the same goals or an online buddy. Agree to check in at a certain time each day once your goal is done – support and encourage each other. When you’re not doing it alone you are much more likely to succeed.

So there you have it from one goal addict to another, tips for achieving your goals! If after all these years of trying to achieve my goals and failing, I am able to now crush one goal after another, one baby step at a time, you can do it too. I am closer and closer to living the life that I want with balancing time for me, quality time with my family, growing my business, taking care of my body and most of all having fun!
You got this!😊


Post written by guest: Theresa Martinez

Theresa Martinez has the amazing job of working as a coach with busy mamas – helping them take care of themselves again, get rid of mom guilt and add fun back into their lives! She writes about self care, balance, parenting tips, consistency and helping moms live the life they want (guilt free & full of joy). She is an introvert mama to 4 busy kiddos. She loves reading, hallmark movies, baking & spending time with her hilarious family.
Come hang out with her in her Facebook group – a supportive space for real moms who share info, tips and encouragement.

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