Move over fear. I’ve decided that this is my year. For real. 

I’ve realized that it’s time that I step up and make it negotiable. Now let me tell you, with a 4 month old and a 4 year old this is no easy task, but I’m doing it in large part because of them!

If you’ve been following my stories (go check them out on Instagram!) You know that Monday was a bit of a chaotic, not so proud mom morning. The kids were both tired and I was frustrated trying to get us all out the door on time for an appointment I had. There may have been some yelling and crying….so not the life I’m striving for.

BUT it was exactly what I needed to kick me in the butt for a new habit I’ve been wanting to implement. This year I’ve really realized that in order for things to be different, I need to be different. Staying the same will only get me the same results.
I’ve never been a morning person and love my sleep. Two kids is no walk in the park as I’m sure you know. However I’ve decided that so many of my struggles will disappear if I get up a few hours earlier then normal, so whats the harm in trying? Monday was the exact motivation I needed to start getting up before everyone else to enjoy some time to myself and get organized before the day begins.

This morning I got up at 5 with the baby and after he went back to sleep I had a relaxing morning drinking hot coffee, doing yoga, showering and all those things that you don’t normally get to do with 2 little kids.


Although I had a completely successful morning in jumping into my new routine, fear is rearing its ugly head and throwing me ALL the reasons why I wont be successful again tomorrow:

– You’ll be too tired
– We are at the age where sleep regressions are common for babies so you’ll need more sleep soon and this won’t work
– You’ll wake up the older kid
– You always do this and then quit after a couple of days
And so on…
You guys this morning went PERFECT! Even though my daughter told me she could hear me this morning she stayed in bed until it was time to get up.

I got to do all the things I wanted to and felt great about it! So why is there so much self doubt and fear in doing it again??

Because fear will come up EVERY TIME you participate in change. Every time you want to do something new (regardless of success) and step into a new version of you, fear will jump in and tell you why you can’t.

Fear likes what it knows. It likes it’s safety zone and breaking out of that throws up all the sirens.Those who succeed have simply learned to push past the fear. To recognize that it’s just stories. That they aren’t true and that this change that you are making is leading you closer to the life you are craving with every ounce in your body.

So, tomorrow, I will get up and do this again even if my fear is telling me I can’t, I won’t. Because I will and I can.

What are you making negotiable this year?

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