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With a background in community health, culinary, holistic nutrition and my own fertility journey, I know that things like what you eat, think and do can play a vital role in your own health and creating a healthy new life.

Feeling lost, alone, overwhelmed and completely hopeless when it comes to creating a family.  Finding people who understood that sex doesn’t necessarily lead to a beautiful healthy baby was a huge struggle.  PCOS, endometriosis, hormone imbalances, low ovarian reserves, miscarriages, etc are real (and common) issues. The support and information just wasn’t there. Lots of people out there are struggling, looking for answers and support in their journey but no one is talking about it.

Let’s take away the overwhelm and confusion.  Creating a healthier you will improve your chances of conception, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  You will be included in a supportive, informative and welcoming community of other women in the same situation as you! You aren’t alone.

Through additional nutrient support, stress management techniques, exercise and proper mindset I was able to conceive and am so passionate about helping you do the same.

I don’t believe in all or nothing approach. Life happens and sometimes things get in the way but improvements can be made and you can improve your current health.  With a background in culinary – I love food and making sure there are lots of enjoyable, healthy recipes so that you don’t feel as though you are missing out or stuck as to what to make is important.

I’m a very patient, positive, compassionate and empathetic person.  My goal is for you to leave our time together feeling confident and with a new sense of hope for success in making your baby dreams a reality

It’s time to invest in yourself.  I spent hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars on different supplements, testing, appointments with my naturopath, chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist and osteopath.  I spent much of my week going from one appointment to the next, trying everything I could think of and get my hands on to make this work.

Infertility is a lonely, confusing, and emotional journey.  No one should have to go it alone.  I’ve seen the power of proper nutrition, a healthy mind and a healthy body.  Conceiving a baby should include all of these things.  Many women are lacking in nutrients, have weight problems and have hormone imbalances that prevent them from creating a family.  Let’s get you where you want to be and give your future baby the very best possible start at life.  It starts now.

I want you to know there is hope.  You aren’t alone and starting with a healthy foundation is really important. I want you to feel hopeful and empowered to take control of your situation, ready to move forward.



When I’m not working with clients, I love reading, working in my big vegetable garden, cooking/baking (mostly eating though!), watching Netflix (my life hasn’t been the same since), going for walks – nothing like exploring the neighbourhood and taking in fresh air.  I also love the smell of a campfire in the woods, the warm vibe of the holidays, and giving back to my community – volunteering has always been a part of my life.




 Here is what some of my past clients say about their time with me

“I was feeling pretty hopeless, not sure what to do next. I felt like I had tried everything and not sure what to do next. I wanted to learn how to nurture my body to work efficiently. Especially since a lot is new for me now that I have no gallblader.”

“(What I’ve enjoyed most is) Our chats. The fact that you completely understood and have struggled the struggles I have. It has been hard talking to people who don’t understand…it has been a hard few years. You brought some hope back to me.. for many reasons.  I feel more energy and hopeful. I learned a lot and feel more confident in my choices for nutrition and supplements.”

“I did enjoy the information in the emails. Very well laid out and very clear. I like how you use examples from your life in them. Makes me not feel so alone.“

“I think it was more than I expected. It was very thorough and detailed. I loved it”

“Yes! It was very much so. You focused around fertility and always brought it back to it which I really liked.”

“I would definitely recommend you for anyone looking for help in preparing their bodies for baby time. You know your stuff and what you didn’t you found out for me. And you are living proof that it works! That’s even better! That gives me even more hope.”

“I would say it’s not a quick fix. It takes time and lots of planning but very worth it in the end. It’s different because I can check in More with you and not so much pressure as I have felt in the past if I made a mistake”

“You were kind and honest and you, like I said, found out whatever I asked about if you didn’t know…you are warm and welcoming to chat with, you send the best emails ad now have the FB group which I love.”

“The caring and honest concern and evident compassion you have for woman struggling with infertility. You truly understand and have been through it. You truly care and want to help…and your positive energy is so present.”