Managing The Big Day

window.addEventListener('LPLeadboxesReady',function(){LPLeadboxes.setExitIntent('125a4d573f72a2:1490790ecb46dc',{dontShowFor:'0d',domain:''});}); For some, you look forward to heading out and celebrating Mother's Day with your own mother.  For others, you want to lock yourself in your room for the week to avoid all of the tv and radio ad’s, flowers, pictures, and events happening around you celebrating something you only dream of.  This day can act … Continue reading Managing The Big Day

What Are You Doing For YOU?

window.addEventListener('LPLeadboxesReady',function(){LPLeadboxes.setExitIntent('125a4d573f72a2:1490790ecb46dc',{dontShowFor:'0d',domain:''});}); I have this discussion with people all the time. We often get caught up in the day to day life that we forget to take a step back and remind ourselves that we can’t pour from an empty cup. Self care is an essential part of every person’s life and one that is often pushed … Continue reading What Are You Doing For YOU?

Maintaining Your Relationship Through Infertility (Guest Post)

window.addEventListener('LPLeadboxesReady',function(){LPLeadboxes.setExitIntent('125a4d573f72a2:1490790ecb46dc',{dontShowFor:'0d',domain:''});}); Maintaining Your Relationship Through Infertility By: Lisa Aldworth, MSW, RSW, Psychotherapist “When you decide to have a child, the wish to be a parent becomes almost primal. You decide to stop using contraception, start lovemaking, and imagine that conception will take place in a mystical, romantic sort of way. What you don’t wish for … Continue reading Maintaining Your Relationship Through Infertility (Guest Post)

Detoxing The Mind

window.addEventListener('LPLeadboxesReady',function(){LPLeadboxes.setExitIntent('125a4d573f72a2:1490790ecb46dc',{dontShowFor:'0d',domain:''});}); So we've talked about detoxing and different ways you can support your body through a gentle cleanse.  Today though I wanted to bring up one more important aspect of this, your mind. These days it's not uncommon for us to experience high levels of stress, chaos, running thoughts (aka your mind never shuts off) and … Continue reading Detoxing The Mind