Katie Kahvo, RHN

Food As Self-Care

When I first think of food for self-care my mind immediately shifts to big bowls of popcorn, grilled cheese sandwiches, cupcakes and other forms of food people seem to find comfort in.  But let’s think about that a little more. Are these foods really bringing us pleasure? Or are we left craving more after that … Continue reading Food As Self-Care

7 Reasons Good Nutrition Is Essential For Optimal Fertility

Unfortunately through our fast paced society we have forgotten the importance of good nutrition and are turning more to pre-packaged, processed foods hoping to make our lives easier. This makes total sense! However, although these items may have a time and a place, when we are looking to conceive and are wanting to achieve good health, those things have to go. I know you've heard it before but what we put in our bodies is SUPER important for our health and wellbeing...not to mention our fertility and the health of our future children! Below I have listed 7 reasons (there are many more) why nutrition is essential for good fertility.

Prenatal Vitamins – What You Need To Know (Guest Post)

Did you know that there is a huge variation in quality when it comes to different brands of prenatal vitamins? That’s right, not all prenatal vitamins are created equally! Everyday in my Naturopathic clinic, I educate mommas-to-be about the importance of choosing a prenatal vitamin that is right for them. Here are some guidelines: Choose … Continue reading Prenatal Vitamins – What You Need To Know (Guest Post)