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“I would highly recommend Katie she really helped me dig deep and clarify my perspective on my life and my priorities and then implement day to day practical strategies that could help get me to the life and goals I truly wanted. “

“Katie, you have been amazing! Like a friend I always had but didn’t know it. Your support and guidance has gotten me through probably the hardest emotional time in my life. I was definitely headed towards a serious breakdown and you helped pull me out. You are so easy to talk to and encouraging. You see the positives even when all I’ve done is cty with you for an hour! You are always there for a pep talk or some quick advice when I need you, and you have cone to be the person who’s wisdom I rely on in tough times. You should probably just reserve a lifetime membership for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“The caring and honest concern and evident compassion you have for woman struggling with infertility. You truly understand and have been through it. You truly care and want to help…and your positive energy is so present.”

“I would say it’s not a quick fix. It takes time and lots of planning but very worth it in the end. It’s different because I can check in More with you and not so much pressure as I have felt in the past if I made a mistake”