It’s time to take you from chaos to calm.

Let’s get out of that endless, downward spiral of stress, chaos and lack of control. It’s time to stop feeling as though you are simply running from one thing to another with a to do list that never ends, surrounded in mom guilt and leaving you wondering where on earth your life went.

You deserve more. You deserve better. I can help you get there.

It’s time to start living a life where you can throw that mom guilt to the curb, where you feel confident and comfortable with your to do list, where you know no matter what happens – you’ve got this.  A life that involves time out for you, time for self reflection and really developing a positive relationship with your life and yourself.

We are going to dive in, dig deep and nourish our bodies with mindset shifts and love. You will get 8 weeks with me that include:

  • 6, 30 minute private calls with me
  • a completely personalized program focusing on you and your current goals
  • regular check in’s and accountability
  • meal plans
  • clear actionable steps to move you forward
  • empathy, compassion and kindness

Total investment $897 CDN

Questions? No worries, let’s jump on the phone and see if we are the right fit.
Contact me to book your free call.

 What people are saying about our work together

“Your personality and love for what you do is what I think makes you special.  I have enjoyed your insight, knowledge and support. The biggest impact in our work together was the emotional impact. You have give me the support I needed to get back on track.”

“I was feeling pretty hopeless, not sure what to do next. I felt like I had tried everything and not sure what to do next. I wanted to learn how to nurture my body to work efficiently. “

“I would say it’s not a quick fix. It takes time and lots of planning but very worth it in the end. It’s different because I can check in More with you and not so much pressure as I have felt in the past if I made a mistake”

“You were kind and honest and you, like I said, found out whatever I asked about if you didn’t know…you are warm and welcoming to chat with, you send the best emails and now have the FB group which I love.”