Katie Kahvo, Nutrition and Fertility

Option 1

Nutrition Quickie – We will jump on a call together so I can review your current diet. Then I’ll take some time to write up an individualized plan for you and make some dietary suggestions where tweaks can be made.  After a couple weeks we will jump on the phone again for a follow up so I can see how you are doing and answer any questions you may have.
4 week (1 month) meal plan to get you started and eliminate excuses
Total investment $197 CDN


Katie Kahvo, Holistic Nutrition and Fertility

Option 2

Want something more in depth? We will dig deep with an in-depth intake form, asking you all sorts of questions about your diet AND your lifestyle.  We will also jump on a call to hash out some details and get to know each other better.  Then I will take the information and come up with an individualized plan of action for you. You will have full access to me, to ask questions and get support in implementing the plan. This plan includes diet suggestions, we will talk sleep, stress, toxins, supplements and anything else that might be relevant or you have questions about. To help you out through the journey we will have 3 follow up calls as accountability is a huge part of this process.
BONUS: You’ll get 3 months of meal plans to go with it! No excuses, we are jumping all in!
Total investment $797 CDN